Dundee Cake of Chocolate Ice

Junior World Winner 2018

Multi Jugend Champion

Benelux Junior Winner 2018

Best Junior dog of the year 2018

Hanser Cup Jüngsten Sieger 2017

HD A, ED 0/0, SW 0, MDR1 +/+

 Donauwelle of Chocolate Ice

IABCA National, International and Honors Adult and Puppy Champion

HD kitűnő, ED normál, MDR1+/+

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Dragee of Chocolate Ice

Best of Breed in Japanese dog show

HD B, ED 0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N

Bounty of Chocolate Ice


Multi Champion (Srb, Hu, Ro)

Multi Grand Champion (Srb, Hu, Ro)

Multi Junior Champion (Srb, Hu)

FBBSI Junior Clubwinner - BOS

Junior Best In Show Winner

HD B, ED 0/0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N 

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Aragostina of Chocolate Ice

Spanish Junior Champion

HD B, ED 0, MDR1+/+, DM N/N 

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